Can a repair shop charge me more than the estimate?

Generally, if the shop determines the repair cost will increase by 10% or more of the original estimate, your approval is needed before the additional work is performed. If the repair work is customer pay (not going through your insurance company) then we will contact you before performing any additional work than what was on the estimate.

Why do estimates differ from one shop to another?

One of the reasons estimates differ from shop to shop depends on how thorough and detailed the estimate is written. Repairs that are necessary may be left out of another estimate to make the dollar amount appear much less. In the end, once the repairs are complete, the total cost of repairs would be very similar. White Family Collision takes pride in repairing your vehicle and would rather deliver a more expensive up front estimate to prevent surprises to you during the repair. Our goal is to have repairs go as smooth as possible to get your vehicle returned to you the way it was before the accident.

Do I have to get three estimates?

You don’t need more than one estimate and you can choose the repair shop. You are obligated to inform your insurance company the facility that you are having the repairs done. The insurance company needs to be notified of the location in case they choose to have a representative come out and inspect the damage.

How do I know if I need to pay a deductible?

If you are responsible for the accident, and the claim is going through your insurance company you will need to determine how much your deductible is based on what your policy states. Deductibles can range anywhere from $50 to $2000. The amount of the deductible could vary depending on whether the claim is considered a comprehensive claim, collision, uninsured motorist, or “hit and run.” Be sure to check with your insurance agent to determine what category your situation is being considered.

When and how do I pay my deductible?

Your deductible is due when you pick up the vehicle after the repairs have been completed. Payment for the deductible may be made by cash, credit or Debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) up to $2000.00.

Can you “bury the deductible” for me?

Although we understand that the accident is an inconvenience to you and an expense you weren’t exactly expecting, to “hide” or “bury” your deductible in the repair costs to the insurance company is considered fraud and we know you wouldn’t want to be involved in any fraudulent activity!!

What will I drive while my vehicle is being repaired?

If you are the claimant (the other party is paying for the repairs), you may be entitled to a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired. The safe bet is to call your insurance agent to verify that you have rental coverage on your policy. Most of the time rental coverage is very inexpensive and can save you lots of money in the long run should the unfortunate circumstances of a collision occur. We are happy to make arrangements for your rental vehicle. You may receive a rental vehicle of approximately the same size, make, and year, depending on the policy of the insured.

Will my car ever be the same?

We use all of our expertise to return your car to the condition it was before the accident. The more detailed information we receive regarding how the accident occurred, the better our ability to know what type of repair procedures to use to put your vehicle back to pre-accident condition.

The insurance company wants to put used parts on my vehicle. Can I demand new parts?

You can request/demand anything you want, but let’s talk about what is best for the vehicle and what is “fair.” If you have a vehicle that is only a few years old, then expecting new parts on it is a practical solution. If you vehicle is over 3 years old, and you need a door or fender replaced, you already have a used part on your vehicle, so “fair” says you will probably receive a new “used” part. This is not a negative thing if you work with a reputable vendor of used parts. Inquire with your repair facility on what their policy is on used parts and research what your insurance policy states regarding used parts for repair. If we can answer any questions about the process please don’t hesitate to ask.

I don’t have rental coverage. How will I get home or to work while my vehicle is being repaired?

We make every effort to accommodate our customers. We will certainly be able to drop you off at your place of business or your home and come pick you up when the repairs are completed. Our goal is to keep the inconvenience at a minimum in your active life!

How do I get my car fixed quickly?

First, attempt to begin the claim process with the insurance company. Insurance companies have various ways of handling a claim, so our advice would be to ask as many questions as possible (ask them to explain the typical process). We work with many different insurance companies and if you have more questions call- we will try to help in any way we can.


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